Sebastian Deterding (workshop contact)

Dr. Sebastian Deterding is assistant professor for game design at Northeastern University. His interest in embarrassment stems from his research into the unwritten social norms of video gaming, and a recent project on reducing visitor shyness in playful museum exhibitions. He has previously led the organizing committee of three successful CHI workshops: Gamification (2011), Social Game Studies at CHI (2011), and Designing Gamification (2013).

Adrian Cheok

Adrian Cheok is chair professor of pervasive computing at City University London, and founder and director of the Mixed Reality Lab, Singapore. His recent work interest is in mixed reality, wearable, ubiquitous, and embedded computing, multisensory interfaces, and love and sex with robots.

Jussi Holopainen

Jussi Holopainen is co-director of the Games and Experimental Entertainment Laboratory Europe. There as well as in his previous position at Nokia research center, he has worked extensively on experience design of pervasive games, performance arts, and games.

Andrés Lucero

Andrés Lucero is an associate professor of interaction design at the Mads Clausen Institute of the University of Southern Denmark in Kolding. His recent work at Nokia includes the Playful Experiences (PLEX) framework and the design of the PLEX Cards, where he focused on designing for playfulness and evaluating playful user experiences. His interests lie in the areas of mobile human-computer interaction, user-centered design, and design research.

Chulhong Min

Chulhong Min is working toward the PhD degree at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). His recent work includes the study on embarrassing moments in incoming mobile messages. His research interests include mobile and pervasive services, social and culture computing, and mobile and sensor systems.

Annika Waern

Annika Waern is chair professor of human-computer interaction at the department of informatics and media at Uppsala University. She has a long-standing background researching and designing games and play, most notably in the area of pervasive games. Her current research focuses on social and embodied engagement in play.

Steffen P. Walz

Steffen Walz is Associate Professor at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, and founder-director of RMIT’s GEElab and GEElab Europe. His research interests lie at the intersection of space, architecture, game design, and interaction design.